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20 Feb 2017

Sovereignty Crown of Kings Download for PC

Sovereignty Crown of Kings – SKIDROW Sovereignty Crown of Kings games with the action genre in 2016 by Gothic Labs and The Lordz Games Studio and published for the PC platform. You’re in the role of leader
17 Feb 2017

Meridian Squad 22 Download for PC

Meridian Squad 22 – CODEX Meridian Squad 22 game is a sci-fi strategy game that focuses on the construction and implementation of advanced military tactics at risk of splashing apart. The first batch sent to the planet,
12 Feb 2017

Overfall The Ancients Awaken Download for PC

Overfall The Ancients Awaken – SKIDROW Overfall The Ancients Awaken is a strategic game style designed by Studio Pera Games and published. The Ancients Awaken update the game with new story Overfall which invited gamers to adventure
2 Feb 2017

Raging Titan Download for PC

Raging Titan – PROPHET Raging Titan Games in style is strategically designed by Mad Vulture Games Studio and published. Earth is attacked by alien forces blitz sudden, major world cities are dying one after the other as
30 Jan 2017

Eador Imperium Download for PC

Eador Imperium – GOG – RAZOR Eador Imperium is a strategic style game in Snowbird Games Design and published by the studio. A young witch looking for revenge from all those who have destroyed his life on
23 Jan 2017

Warhammer 40,000 Sanctus Reach Download for PC

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22 Jan 2017

Stars in Shadow Download for PC

Stars in Shadow – CODEX Game Stars in Shadow is a strategic style designed by Studio Ashdar Games and published by Iceberg Interactive company. The game stars in the dark you must build your empire in the
22 Jan 2017

Urban Empire Download for PC

Urban Empire – CODEX Urban Empire is a new game in strategic genre that made in 2017 by Reborn Games has been released for the PC. In the game Urban Empire, you took control of the municipality
12 Jan 2017

Train Valley Download for PC

Train Valley – TinYiSO Train Valley a style of strategy and simulation game released in 2015 by Flazm for PC. Have rail lines to connect the towns, tunnels and bridges and the railways create economically cheap and
7 Jan 2017

Fat Chicken Download for PC

Fat Chicken – PLAZA Fat Chicken game with plump hens fast breeding methods will be familiar. This game is in the style of action and strategy, designed by Mighty Rabbit Studios and studio Relevant Games in 2014.