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CODEX Archive

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19 Jan 2017

Torn Tales Download for PC

Torn Tales – CODEX Torn Tales narrate as management and leadership Tuesday on its journey to recover fictional hero is gone. The game in the style RPG, adventure, and Indy is Twistplay has been developed by the
14 Jan 2017

Dex Download for PC

Dex – CODEX Game Dex is an interesting adventure game for two-dimensional (2 D) is made. Dex can be a double play. But the Wii U can run the single-player game. Cyber ​​missions and games with a
13 Jan 2017

White Night Download for PC

White Night – CODEX The beautiful game that only two colors, black and white White Night is made about a person who is caught in the trap of a terrible nightmare. Not only dark intends to take
13 Jan 2017

Shiftlings Download for PC

Shiftlings – CODEX Shiftlings Action is a new game in the style that made in 2015 by Rock Pocket Games has been released by Sierra for the PC platform. Play the game Galactic Black occurs and all
13 Jan 2017

Pneuma Breath of Life Download for PC

Pneuma Breath of Life – CODEX Pneuma Breath of Life is a game in the style of Indy, adventure and puzzles that you have to open your eyes and look at things from the outside. Otherwise, you
13 Jan 2017

Mind Path to Thalamus Download for PC

Mind Path to Thalamus – CODEX Mind Path to Thalamus a game like puzzle of Carlos Coronado is very creative and your mind will be busy for a long time. The main story is the story of
3 Jan 2017

GEAR GUNS Tank Offensive Download for PC

GEAR GUNS Tank Offensive – CODEX GEAR GUNS Tank Offensive action-adventure game in the style is designed by Alexey Glinskiy Studios and published. After years of peace in the galaxy is gone and the great enemy of
21 Dec 2016

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 2 Download for PC

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 2 – CODEX [ Episode 1 Included ] Walking Dead’s third season, The Walking Dead A New Frontier was released. The game also placed The Telltale Series games in the
18 Dec 2016

Filthy Lucre Download for PC

Filthy Lucre – CODEX Filthy Lucre in the action genre is the game that is published by Studio Fabrik Games Ltd design. In this game you take control of a robber who is commander of a Mafia
18 Dec 2016

Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance Download for PC

Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance – DLC – CODEX Cossacks 3 Days of Brilliance is a new game in strategic genre that made in 2016 by GSC Game World has been released for the PC. Days of