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SimCity Download for PC

SimCity - BLACKBOX - Razor1991

SimCity – BLACKBOX – Razor1991

SimCity – BLACKBOX – Razor1991

This game is the newest version of SimCity series of games that are unbelievable and unpredictable, you will find many details. Great attention to detail and the game world which is modeled on the real world, this version of the game has become the best version of the series and will be able to see, and the town the impact of all applied to of the other players to create totally unique and non-repetitive. Also in the game world, the largest in the world among all the games in this genre is so that you can take control of a country with some of the city or town at the same time get the control of one to sixteen and The city can have its own characteristics. Another new feature in this version of the multiplayer game, it can be noted. In this section, your decisions on their town and affect the entire region, so you need either a or a portion with your friends and compete with the aim of achieve your.
Thanks to the new engine called glass box, everything that you see in the generalities of the city to the smallest detail, is simulated. Quickly see the results of their decisions and more in the game , you explore, you will discover how it works. Can influence their work on citizens to click on each one to see, for example, the job is, how rich or how the decisions you are happy or not! In this game you have to issues such as energy, water, taxes, education , unemployment, etc. buckle and state officials are working hard to find. New control system graphics implementations of the city so that players can quickly and easily review all issues big and small.

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