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Batman: Arkham Knight Download for PC

Batman Arkham Knight - CPY - FiTGiRL - BLACKBOX

Batman Arkham Knight – CPY – FiTGiRL – BLACKBOX

Batman Arkham Knight – CPY – FiTGiRL – BLACKBOX

PC Game Batman Arkham Knight a game -style action – adventure open world by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc. Rocksteady Studios and will be designed and built it on 14 October 2014 for the platforms PC, XBoxOne and PS4 is released. A year after the death of the Joker narrative story when offenders in together and have decided to work together to destroy the Knights Rkham. The city is being evacuated and all people are frantically looking to find somewhere safe to hide. Scarecrow is back to once again disrupt peace and create fear in the hearts of dark city. He plans to lay out a chemical bomb in the city, power and the rule Rkham. Batman set out for each of the evil characters in the game have a special mission for example Penguin followed by the city police and plans to kill them.
Batman has been informed of these events, their preparation and their wonderful car ride puts foot on the battlefield. According to Rock Astd, this version of Batman is the latest game in the series that the company makes known its plans at the end of the project, work on other games. In this version, new characters, there will be a lot of anti-Batman who were created by the rock Astd. City streets are very wide and this allows the player to Btmvbyl it easier to drive in the city and if you need to throw your enemies missiles. Batmobile is a fantastic car that appears to be designed for cars Batman in The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan film series inspired. A series of new combat moves have been added to the game, for example, if an enemy is in front of you can throw him and the rest of your enemies. Increased number of enemies in every fight and can reach more than 40 people, but in this version of Batman can see at once all the details of your enemies and fight with them. One of the most important features of the game is its stunning graphics. The city is very large compared to the previous version and has been carefully designed so that the movement of the clouds and the sun is very realistic. To make the game engine Unreal Engine is where all the wrinkles as Bruce Wayne and Gordon when talking, move the clothes and change their positions during wind, rain and the mist on the Batman costume and out the steam pipes in the city are wonderful and a real sense of the Player Pass. Let us not forget Batman, first with your clothes, but everything goes forward and puts their missions successfully, it can upgrade and equip your clothes. In this version, in addition to Commissioner Gordon, daughter Barbara with Oracle as a secret superhero Batman also helps. Such characters as Batman face can be the Scarecrow Scarecrow, Penguin Penguin (Nolan North), Two-Face two faces (Troy Baker), Harley Quinn Harley Quinn and the Riddler noted. I would recommend this game to never lose. If you can publish the game, it has received powerful servers Persian download and enjoy the game.

View game Batman Arkham Knight:
Name game: Batman Arkham Knight
Name of the game (Persian): Batman Knight Rkham
Platform: PC
English language
Year: 2015
Company: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: Rocksteady Studios
Arcade style action-adventure open world

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