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Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Download for PC

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - COMPRESSED

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault – COMPRESSED

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault – COMPRESSED

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault by famous and powerful company, Electronic Arts, released in 2003, if the People First-Person Shooter game with style or you’re a first-person action series of the game exceptionally appealing and unforgettable familiar Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor Series games from the console PS 1 has made its way into homes and can say that all of them continued success and had a highly attractive, across all versions of One of the remarkable spread of the Medal of Honor in World War I and II is due to the stories and events that point to the story of an exceptional and very attractive, version Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault story of the war II and the Allied invasion in which you served as a corporal in which you have to do missions overwhelming success in the game you North Africa, the Sicily, main wand and finally Italy transferred its mission in all three stages will be exciting and interesting.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating system:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Pentium II 450 MHz Memory: 128 MB
Video: Video-level GeForce 3/2/256 / Riva TNT2 / TNT / Radeon Rage 128 Pro / Rage 128 / PowerVR3 Kyro II / VR Kyro with OpenGL support with 16 MB of memory
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9. 0 Free space on
hard disk: 2.53 GB

Download: Click Here
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