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Portal 2 Free Download for PC

Portal 2 - SKIDROW

Portal 2 – SKIDROW

Portal 2 – SKIDROW

Portal games, including games that can be played alone all the intellectual and scientific vacancies to fill. The game involves your brain so that regardless of the passage of time, perhaps several hours to solve the riddles it. The game’s story takes place hundreds of years after the events of the first part. Chell, who used to head this year in a hypnotic state with a funny name Wheatley Personality Core wakes up and wants to help him to escape Aperture Science. Over the years that synthetic sleeping Chell Aperture Science has changed a lot and most of it has been destroyed. In what Chell GLaDOS again be faced with the intention of taking revenge on him, and again he resumed multiple tests to be. The full story is beautifully narrated and many¬† well. New characters play well with the story and narrative are particularly Wheatley coordination that will fascinate you shortly.
Playmaking studio Valve can be placed among those studios that always ends his game and makes a particular book. Every few years in the studio, we see a game that amazes everyone. Even the Left 4 Dead series of games that can be played as a team, they achieved great popularity. However, this studio playmaking with Half-Life series of games known. Series countless fans and Valve games that all of them had some kind of work. Just when everyone expected the third version of the HL series to be unveiled, the studio announced the second version of the game Portal. The Portal of certain games which were all surprised. Play a very creative playmaking Valve revealed that more art. Valve just announced at E3 2 Portal. Games that unexpectedly gaming industry is of concern to all people, and many like to know more of this game. One area that Portal 2 is added, the Co-Op mode. Even Valve added for Co-Op play has a lot of noise with his feet. Also, the Co-Op something that many people would like to see it in this series of games. The Portal was what changes should be made carefully. A unique game of a totally new space, was a risk that Valve would accept it, and therefore it was very good.

Required Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: ENG

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