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God of War 1 PC Free Download

God of War 1 Download Direct Link

God of War 1 Download Direct Link

God of War

is a third person action-adventure video game. The Game is originally released for Play Station. Due to its popularity, We Managed the game for PC. The 1st Game of the series was released on 2005. We are providing you direct download link of God of War. You May also like to download God of War 2.


This time the game is made for Windows. The game’s story is the story of the game God Of War I. “Kratos” now plans to fight the gods arose and killed one God and He is God. You should take your enemies out of the way. Along the way, your task is not only to fight and kill, sometimes you must solve puzzles to pass through some steps to be able to continue playing.
The strongest part of your game you are dealing with new enemies and new weapons as well as some other games that need them to gain. The graphics in this version of the game is great. We hope you will enjoy this game.
In this game the main character is Kartos. And the game played in fixed camera mode, this is a action and adventure game. Kratos’ main weapons are Blades which are attached with chain, He kill others using those blades. It is mind blowing to play with this blades. He has ability to get extra source of magical power.

Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Series: God of War
Platform: PC

Download: Click Here
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