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Prince of Persia 2008 Download for PC

Prince of Persia 2008 - COREPACK - GOG - SKIDROW

Prince of Persia 2008 – COREPACK – GOG – SKIDROW

Prince of Persia 2008 – COREPACK – GOG – SKIDROW

Super cute action game Prince of Persia is known by the company Ubisoft Montreal for the PC was released in 2008, the fourth edition of the game Prince of Persia series of games that gamers expect after 3 years was released to the Iranians, that The fourth issue is evident in the graphic change and enhance the AI is much improved and we can say that our 3 year wait was worth it in the fourth edition of the film with a different graphics and that is the change face Prince of Persia in the low seen in earlier versions, the new and improved battle system is one of the strengths of the game is still improved in the next version, you can now Download the Game.

Prince of Persia
features open world exploration that allows the player to travel to any spot in the game world at any given point, and allows the player to witness the plot in any way they want. Depending on how the player progresses, previously visited areas will become more challenging to traverse when the player re-visits them.However, when the player heals a spot of land, it becomes devoid of traps. The traps are manifested in various forms of the antagonist Ahriman’s Corruption; black-colored blobs that coat the land and swallow the player if touched. The player can use acrobatic maneuvers to avoid these traps.

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