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Battlefield 3 Download for PC

Battlefield 3 - BLACKBOX

Battlefield 3 – BLACKBOX

Battlefield 3 – BLACKBOX

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer component will be the best game, but this time DICE Producer Series Battlefield colorful story mode is included in the game. Battlefield 3’s story in 2014 and around the world, including the Middle East will happen.

But video games more than anything, has attracted the attention of the players and the media. Frost Bite 2 graphics engine, Battlefield 3 is built on the foundation that has lasted three years, making the graphics engine. Many media have announced Battlefield 3 Best Graphics of 2011 will be even better than Crysis 2.

Battlefield 3 is so spectacular at this stage of the work has been produced by one of the employees of Infinity Ward, the creators of the series announced  better graphics than “ModernWarfare  3” will. The demo of this game has been released Battlefield 3 game and graphics engine capacity it shows. Play the animation is smooth and at least in the demo Battlefield 3 news from the drop rate is Motion. Talking, walking, running and reactions of the characters closer to reality than any other game, and in general everything is incredible. Naturally the PC version is more colorful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be.
Unlike Battlefield 2, you can play in the new crawling on the floor. Moreover, if injured, you can give her and treat her to find a safe spot. Target games like that when the enemy guns get a sign, a camera zoom to get closer to target. At the end of the demo, the main character tells her side of the car shelter and a enemy lurked around the second floor houses a target, but at the same time contract, and the character of a car was RPGs missises the aftermath of the explosion threw the car into reverse. Everything Battlefield 3 is closer to reality and yet the game creators did not indulge in the realism of the game.
First person shooter game world this fall with the release of Battlefield 3 will be a new life.

Developer: Digital Illusions/EA DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Genre: shooter /
Platform: PC / Windows

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