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Antamedia Internet Cafe Software 8.0.2 Download Full Version

Antamedia Internet Cafe Software 8.0.2 Download Full Version

Antamedia Internet Cafe Software 8.0.2 Download Full Version

Internet Cafe Software is extremely useful and necessary for the cafe. The program consists of two parts: Internet Caffe Server and Internet Cafee Client, the program is installed on the server Cafe Cafe and the second part is installed on the computer, the server takes all the systems under their control. The server computer, you can avoid such restrictions on ShutDown or Restart to apply the systems and applications as well as access to the hard disk drive Windows can not control. Calculate the cost for each user based on the duration of the Internet features of the program. You can also sell items such as drinks, chips, snacks and also record and add it to a user fee.

The program is also able to provide statistical charts, reports and displays the bandwidth of each user as well. One interesting feature of this program is that the server computer can not send messages to individual users. The software also supports a number of cafes, so that through Internet cafes and other relevant statistical data connected with the shares and the remaining users in sufficient time Net others.

Key Features Software Antamedia Internet Cafe:
– Control time and bandwidth management between computers and games in the network
– The exact calculation of earnings per computer
– Monitoring of computer users, time control, maintain user information, security settings and real-time reporting
– Cover security settings, and complete lock switch computer operating system and software activation
– Management and financial accounting cafe, if you own a coffee shop next to the cafe or services (printing, writing, scanning …) and even sales (software, hardware, …) you can use the software to manage it Other software are completely needless
– Backup the logs and software configuration
– Define different price groups and pricing based on bandwidth
– Manage multiple simultaneous Cafe
– Definition ad for your device
– The definition for work in the cafe and its ability to restrict access to various parts as well as monitoring their performance
– Change the look of custom software using Skin
– The ability to restrict access to Ctrl + Alt + Del, the desired drive in the computer, Internet Explorer Settings, Control Panel, Download, and any other windows that you desire
– The server computer, you can lock the computer, do not restart or shut or desktop See it
– Separate pricing for internet, Ltd. and Microsoft as well as setting a minimum price for each use, etc.
– Set up and operation of incentive and rebate and tax-free setting prices for different times of day
– Create a username and password for customers
– Production of the card to the customer.
– Reporting of income and set to send a daily report to your Email
– Anywhere in the world that are in IE and enter the IP of your server computer and your report (in the settings must be activated and protected by a password)
– Automatically generate and print a receipt for the customer
– Compatible with different versions of Windows

Manufacturer: Antamedia
Source: PC Download

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