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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Download for PC

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PES 2014 - BLACKBOX - RELOADED - SKIDROW

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – PES 2014 – BLACKBOX – RELOADED – SKIDROW

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – PES 2014 – BLACKBOX – RELOADED – SKIDROW

Industry played a computer, much importance is given to football and that’s why the title of the simulated release of a new version, it will continue to sell high. In this regard, two FIFA and PES are as controversial as they are seen each year. So far, FIFA than your competitor has more features and of course the sales front, we are seeing a drop in PES than his rival. Still not disappoint Konami Corporation and each year several promises to give fans might be able to return back to their golden era.

After introducing Konami, FIFA 14 PES 2014 also unveiled that has many differences when compared to previous versions. At first glance, the most striking change in this version of the engine, the Fox Engine Kojima Productions studio, all of which are familiar with its unique capabilities. Apart from that, the game PES by a separate motor, just as the physical implementation Barycenter uses. The most important weakness of the seventh generation AI opponent was down. So that you could see during a race, you overtake rival 10 to 0! But in PES 2014, with new engines, the opponent’s goal will be difficult. Other features of the graphics , accurate and detailed portrayal of soccer players can be noted that there is a surprise. Konami six key elements he has in mind, all of which are related to the physics of the ball and players. One of the new technologies in this game is Trueball technology. As its name implies, this technology is accurate physics based ball. Other applications of this technology, image according to the responses of various Soccer ball position relative to the proper operation before it will open. The second system used, MASS which players make up an important part of this section. This means that the size, height, and weight resistance movements in that they do work and the reaction estimates., another system was introduced in PES 2013, will be known by the name ID System approximately 50 to move the football star can run the world, and this number has increased in PES 2014. Create a new combination, users will be able to help a variety of different tactics with 2 or 3 players in key parts of the earth to run. He HEART technology is used with the crowd in the stadium, his reaction to the situation and his game show. Konami has officially announced that for the first time, you’ll see ACL in the series. Yet information-based online game has been released, but according to all the above mentioned features, you’ll see a fun online. However, this year saw tough competition as FIFA and PES 2 we must also see whether he succumbed to the PES vs FIFA will land or not.
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Manufacturer: Konami
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