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Download Adobe Flash Professional CS6 [Full version Direct Link]

Download Adobe Flash Professional CS6

Download Adobe Flash Professional CS6

Software is a powerful and popular tool Adobe Flash suitable for web design and multimedia are conservatives.
Adobe Flash Professional CS6 powerful software to build content animation and multimedia is. Using this software, you can fine media for desktop and multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and TVs are available.

Among the key feature of this software is supported HTML5. Thus, a new plugin for HTML5 interactive content by building on the core animation and design capabilities the software has been the target output for the manufacturing sector as a Javascript framework is open source JS. The output symbols and animation sequences to rapidly produce Sprite sheet which increases the efficiency of the software are also other key feature of the software is considered. This version of software supports Android and iOS devices by targeting Runtime AIR and Adobe Flash Player are also added.

Key features Software Adobe Flash Professional CS6:
– Support for HTML5
– Make Sprite sheet
– Support for many different devices Plfvrm
– Construction Software by Adobe AIR: Building Applications with Runtime preparation software Adobe AIR, test software and create the Mac running the content without having to download additional user
– Simulation Adobe AIR mobile: interactive simulation software Mobile normal redirecting pages finger and accelerometer
– Targeting Stage 3D: Rendering high efficiency by using direct mode to penetrate Starling framework for 2D content

New capabilities:
– Sprite Sheet Creation to the program Adobe Flash Professional CS6, you can easily animation built into the Sprite Sheet makes it possible for designers to play looking for higher speed and flash games or games Javascript is helping a lot.
– Increased rendering performance by Starling Framework supports hardware acceleration for video and graphics processing two-dimensional fast and efficient, by getting a job instead of a graphics card for graphically analyzing CPU.
– Simulation Mobile AIR applications, you can get things like move, rotate, accelerate and without machine simulation to test, but if it’s possible with earlier versions of Flash before for other phones Programs for Air had already been activated.
– Enable runtime testing programs air on creating pre-packaged devices program, you can easily program the device to test it to see Kynd and output directly.
– Supported platforms and devices, wide (wide), and routed to the runtime system to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player) and AIR.
– Support for HTML5 output internally by the Toolkit for CreateJS, you can post your flash projects by the new version of HTML output to the user can view and select your own.

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