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Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 x86/x64 – Full version Direct Link

Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 x86/x64 [Full version Direct Link]
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 SP1 x86/x64 [Full version Direct Link]

It seems that the new Office and is also much more efficient in terms of visual and tactile stylus-based Windows 8 tablets is adaptable than ever before. More new social features and integration with Skype is also a new feature of the latest version of Microsoft Office. In the most optimistic case, we must say that the new Office has increased, but the sum of all these features are now well through other services, and the software Personal computers is. OneNote and Lync new features, including the possibility of taking notes and online video communications to provide users new collection of Office. Pen tablet support opportunities such as documents, notes Mark casual users will face with a pen.
About whether or not this series will be compatible with iOS, you have the Office 2013 gives you access to some Web browsers that work on iPad and iPhone provide. But only so much. Nothing special about that new iOS version of Office is not affected. The OneNote app for iOS, though not only, but also for Android and Symbian will also be presented.

For this collection, you need Windows 7 or Windows 8 for PCs and tablets should be based on Windows RT.
New version of Microsoft Office specifically for tablets and smartphones is optimized. Its layout is very simple and very friendly icons added to the touch and more efficient. Since the Ribbon in Word still remains, you can have a clearer view of all interfaces Drhmrykhtgy kill. Except in this case, Microsoft has focused on improving the use and media consumption is also reduced. Document reading mode is highly optimized for the tablet is just like reading a book and the pages elevator and can be watched via video documents. Also the images taken by the camera to tablet size and the size documents using finger gestures to change the layout can also be changed. A smart button in the version embedded in the fingers and can be controlled very quickly, font size, font color change. Windows Phone, Microsoft SkyDrive support through a fully registered variations will update. But it is not clear how strong the new Office will appear on the phone.
Should be said about Microsoft Lync, Skype to Skype video communications will support multiplayer. That will have the greatest impact on the office visit. Through a 80-inch display offering a great interactive meeting to provide the Board and administrative staff.A key feature of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013:
– Effective new visual and tactile Office
– Compatibility with Windows 8-based tablet pen markings occasional opportunities such documents and take notes with pen users will be facing
– More social features and integration with Skype
– Offering new features such as the possibility of taking notes and video communications online, by OneNote and Lync users to the new Office suite
– Providing access to some Web browsers that work on iPad and iPhone
– Optimized for use on tablets and smartphones in particular
– Microsoft’s focus on improving the use of media as well as reducing consumption
– Support for Microsoft Lync Skype video communication Multiplayer

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